Sunday, March 4, 2012

Indiana Heritage Quilt Show

I just spent a fantastic long weekend in Bloomington, IN at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show.  The only sad note is this weekend is also marked with deadly tornadoes through southern Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and on and on.  My heart and prayers go out to those affected by the storms.  Please remember that this tragedy will go on for these people long after we have put it out of our minds, so continue to keep good thoughts going their way.

I first was introduced to IHQS when Mickey Depre was teaching down here a few years ago.  We had been internet friends, and I wanted to take a class from her, so that was the perfect opportunity.  I passed up last year because of time constraints (well, I was going to Paris, and needed to save my shekels for that trip), but I couldn't pass up this year's show!  The instructors for this year's show were all people that I had either taken a class with, or had their books and was wanting to take classes from!  What to choose?  It was difficult!

Bloomington, IN is about 3 hours from my home, so we came on Thursday to travel leisurely.  After getting checked into our hotel, we went to Shiisa Quilts.  Being the smart woman that I am, I encouraged my hubby to go into the shop with me!  He saw lots of things that he thought I should do!  I did buy a batik for another project, and one kit for a cool wall hanging that he liked.  I only wish I had the time to do all the things he wants me to do, and all the things I want to do!
I got to meet Janet Meese, another internet friend, who is the owner of Shiisa Quilts!  What a delightful lady, and very welcoming!  I will be traveling down the end of the month to take a Hexie class from Mickey Depre, and staying over for an all day sew the next day!  What fun!
I was craving pizza, so asked Janet a recommendation for a good pizza place!  Without hesitation, she recommended Lennie's Pizza.  And why not!  Lennie is her brother!  It was so great, that we went Thursday night, and again on Saturday night!
Of course, I had to have a stein of the home brew from the Bloomington Brewing Company.  On Janet's recommendation, I tried the Java Porter.  Good choice, Janet!
My first class with Nancy Prince.  I was first introduced to Nancy from The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.  I love the look of thread painting and was wanting to experience all I could!  Nancy is a delightful instructor, and helped all of us do our best with our class project!
Hubby was impressed!  It was lots of fun to do!  I am still amazed that I actually did this!
In keeping with the eccentricity, or eclectic, style that defines my quilting experience, the next day I took a class with Sally Collins.  Sally is known for her precision quilting, and her miniatures!  Another awesome instructor who took the time to explain how she gets her precision work done.  And spent time with all of us to make sure we would come away from the class with the tools to improve our quilting, whether on a minature level, or on a more "normal" sized level.
Yes, that is my class sample we are holding!  I was the over achiever and got two done in class!  I see a miniature quilt in my future!
Oh, Yes!  There was also a quilt show there!  This was the Best of Show quilt!  All the quilts were awesome, and I got lots of inspiration from them!  And a great group of vendors, too!