Sunday, September 30, 2012

Piping Hot Macaroni with Susan Cleveland

This week, my local quilt guild, Illini Country Stitchers, had the pleasure of hosting Susan Cleveland for a lecture and three workshops.  I had taken a class with Susan at Paducah, so I knew she was a fun person.  And I have watched her videos on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims!

I was privileged to be a quilt holder during her lecture!  Although you don't get to look at the front, it is great to see a behind the scenes look at the back, and closeup of the binding.  She gives a great lecture, and has the most funny tales to tell!  I was unable to take her Friday workshops on Binding and Mitering, as I had to work.  So that made Saturday's workshop that much more specialer (yeah, I know, bad grammar, but it really was more specialer! LOL!)
This was what Saturday's class was on...Piping Hot Macaroni!  We learned how to make the piping, apply it to the curved macaroni pieces and with precision apply our piped macaroni onto our background piece by careful stitch in the ditch.
One of the secrets to getting all this done perfectly is the Clover Ball Point Awl!  It truly is my newest favorite notion.  It was a breeze to use and made the whole process so painless!
That rounded tip just glides in front of your needle, and made stitching in the ditch SOOOO easy.  I only popped out once!
At the end of class, we were all awarded the coveted  Piping Hottie button!  Because we all were able to finish at least one Macaroni in class!
It was a day full of laughter, and happiness!  No machine mishaps, and good homemade brownies for a lunch treat!
Yes, overachiever Maggie got two done, but so did at least half of the class!  So if you EVER get a chance to take a class with Susan, by all means take advantage!  She is an awesome teacher, and has some terrific tips and points to help make your quilting sing!



  1. Looks like everyone had a blast, which is no surprise. Lots of smiles on everyone! What a great lecture she gave - I don't even feel like it was a 'lecture' - it was just a great 90 minutes spent on Thursday night. Wish I could have joined you on Saturday.


  2. Looks like fun. And I am not surprised you were an overachiever! I have her book, and I plan to pipe one of my quilts. Still trying to get up the nerve on a specific quilt. I would have loved to have had this class with you. I will have to look for that notion. You know I'm a notion junkie!