Thursday, January 3, 2013

Houston class results!

When I went to Houston this past fall, the only class and lecture that I went to were taught by the very talented Teri Lucas!  We have been internet friends for years, and finally had a chance to meet in person!  What a joy she is, and such a talented quilter and teacher!
The class I took was entitled "And now what? Designs in Machine Quilting."  The last part of the class Teri had invited us to bring quilt tops and she would give a free consult on how to quilt it!  This is the top that I brought.  The center panel is an oriental print, as are the the side panels.  It is a simple enough top, but the center panel had me stymied!
Teri suggested that I simply quilt/trace around the major elements in the panel with a gold metallic thread.  I used a golden brown thread in the bobbin, which gives some interest to the backside!  I stippled in the black areas to help even out the quilting and make the printed areas pop!
For the colored areas in the sides, Teri suggested doing a gingko leaf, as the corner fabric is gingko.  I love gingko leaves, and gingko trees!  So I got out my sketch book and tried to see if I could draw out some gingko leaves!
Here's how it turned out on the backside!  I am really loving this, and definitely am going to put this is my collection of designs to turn to!  This little quilt will be donated to the East Central Illinois Refuge Center for their annual fundraiser!


  1. It's strange that you posted this- no really it's strange how we see things & then they show up again! Just before Christmas, one of the last quilts I had to finish for a customer, was freehanded & it was this same ginko leaf! Amazing! BTW my friend's mom loved her quilt with it on there!

  2. She's a little tinker is that Terri! Fabulous job on that quilt too Maggie, love the ginkgo.

  3. How fun! Sounds like a great class. And you did a fantastic job on those Ginko leaves! Loving them!

    I saw the new TQS episode and thought of you. I think you recommended her (Sue Nickels) for a teacher, didn't you? I can see why!