Monday, July 8, 2013

There's an app for that!

I would have to say that I am middle of the road when it comes to being tech savvy.  I do not shun all the new technology, nor am I first in line to get the latest and greatest.  I was very late in getting an iPod, and only got one when I saw a patient with an iTouch (pre iPad) and thought of all the wonderful things I could do with it besides listen to music.  I also resisted getting a smartphone.  Of course, that is all ancient history, as I am the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4!
I am sure that I am not using it to its greatest capabilities.  I do depend on it for my calendar.  And I do use the camera.  And today I learned how to take screenshots...on purpose!  I have taken them accidently, but was never too sure how I did it.  The reason I wanted to know this new skill was to tell you about an app that I absolutely love!
At a quilting retreat I was thinking that I needed a way to inventory or category my quilting books, on my phone, so I would stop buying duplicate books.  God bless Amazon, which doesn't let me buy the same book twice from them.  But I don't always buy my books from Amazon, so I needed something more dependable.  That's when I thought, surely there is an app for that!  I asked our techy guru quilter if she knew if that was available.  She didn't know off hand, but a quick search found that there were several options available!

As I have an Android, I opted for Book Catalogue.  It is free (yea!) and got good reviews on several sites.  There are many similar options available to Apple products.

You can easily locate your books that you have added by author, or by books.  You can collapse or expand as needed. 

By touching a title, you can see a picture of the cover and all the pertinent details about the book.  There is even a place for you to make notes about the book.  And you can note if you have loaned a book to someone!

Adding a book is as easy as scanning the ISBN barcode that is located on the back cover of the book.  Older books will not have a barcode, but you can manually enter the ISBN.  The app will search Amazon, Google, and other internet areas for the book and bring up the information.  It also will tell you if you already have this catalogued.
I give this app a definite thumbs up!  Enjoy your day!





  1. I need this app. I just bought a book I already own. :-) Thanks for the recommend!

  2. I'd love to learn that one. Right now I'm looking for one of the 2 Diane Gaudinsky books I thot I bought. Did I buy both or was I being frugal & only bought the one I've been using thinking I'd buy the other when I'm thru the first.