Thursday, February 10, 2011

Circle of Life-Pebbling

I am now onto stage two of quilting Circle of Life. I am working on the small New York Beauty Arches between the rays of the central Lone Star. I looked at as many quilts that I could find to get ideas and inspiration. I finally decided to break the square up into the three main areas, the inner circle, the central arch, and the outer circle or cap. The central arch was what needed to be emphasized, and I decided that pebbling in the dark blue would be the best.

Lessons learned: First, if I am going to do this much free motion quilting, I was going to have to wear my thumb/wrist splint to keep from aggravating my tendinitis. But I also need to wear a quilting glove to keep a grip on the fabric. Solution was to wear the splint over the glove!

Second lesson was that to keep the rays from getting wonky, I needed to stitch in the ditch around each ray.

Third lesson, was that I can stitch in the ditch free motion! YEA!

I'm still trying to figure out pictures and editing in blogger, so please be patient with me!

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