Friday, February 18, 2011

Squishy packages

Nowadays, most of the stuff that the mailman brings is junk mail.  But occasionally, I will find a squishy package stuffed in the box!  And all we quilters know what a squishy package means... fun stuff!

Today I got two packages.  One was my order from Red Rock Threads.  I love threads!  Those colors and textures just make me smile!  Today's order is on the blue side, as I was needing bobbin thread for Circle of Life.  I love to use Superior's Bottom Line in the bobbin. 

The next package was from my cousins Jo and Nancy.  Aren't family great!


  1. Love the color of your threads!!! And yes, family is great!!!!

  2. Love squishy mail! I had a couple of good squishy mail days this week, too. I just placed an order with Red Rock Threads yesterday, and they already shipped it by yesterday afternoon. I really love them! Great threads, Maggie!