Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Block lotto and levels of giving

Like many guilds, our guild does a block lotto.  For the uninformed (which I was until a few years ago) a block lotto is where a block pattern is chosen.  The quilter pays a small fee (50 cents at our guild) to purchase the background fabric for the chosen block.  Then the quilter makes the block from fabrics in her stash.  She returns the block, and her name is placed in the hat.  One lucky winner will win all the blocks that were returned.  I decided to participate in a recent block lotto where the pattern was called "Scrappity-do-Dah".  I entered twice, and I won!

In a recent guild newsletter, the president gave a synopsis of the children's book "The Quiltmaker's Gift".  She spoke of three levels of generosity.  Level 1 is where we give away what we no longer need.  Level 2 is where we give things we still like and want but we don't really feel any loss when we give it away.  Level 3 is where we notice what others need and offer them a gift that is truly useful to them but still means a lot to us.

So, why am I interjecting this in a post about block lotto?  Well, here is the finished top that I made!
I obviously don't do scrappy very well!  Some of the fabrics are obviously level 2 fabrics.  I recognized some of them and have them in my stash.  There were a few level 1 fabrics, but in saying that, it is all in the eye of the beholder!  I used some level 3 fabric in my blocks.

But put all together, to me, this was a level 1.  I have donated the top to Project Linus.  I could have made it a Level 2 by quilting it. But it was given as you see it!


  1. Whatever level you consider it to be it is still a lovely gift.

  2. I'm sure the child that receives it will be more than grateful. It's very cheerful.