Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Circle of Life is home!

Circle of Life is home!  I sent it off a couple weeks ago to Columbus, Ohio to compete in the National Quilting Association quilt show.  She came back unadorned of ribbons.  But here was what the judges' had to say:

Dramatic presentation
Smooth color gradations
Piecing is well done.
More control needed for machine quilting for smooth curves and remaining in ditch.
Binding is generally good.

Good and fair comments.  I didn't get to go to Columbus to see the show, but I did have a TQS (The Quilt Show) friend take a picture and put it in her TQS blog.

I don't know why the bottom is waving.  I blocked it, so I know it was square.

This is what was included with my quilt!  An entrant's ribbon, a copy of the show book, and a label that I can put on the back of Circle of Life that says:

Exhibited at
The 42nd Annual Quilt Show
The National Quilting Association, Inc.

June 16-18, 2011
Columbus, OH

The next stop for Circle of Life is Danville, IL for entry into the Vermilion County museum quilt show!  This is a great show, that hangs the entire month of July!  Danville has a strong Lincoln history, so if you are a Lincoln buff, it is doubly worth the trip!


  1. I've been to that show before. My FIL just moved from there last October, so it may well be that I won't get to another show in Columbus, Ohio. It was a great show. I have pictures from that year (2009)showing many of the great quilts. From your picture your quilt sure looked like a ribbon candidate.

  2. It is a beautiful quilt Maggie. I'm stunned it had no ribbon. Next time!!

  3. This is a beautiful quilt, well deserving of a ribbon. As for the wavy bottom, I think that it happens because of the way that they are hung, nothing to do with your workmanship.

  4. It sure looked like a winner to me! Beautiful work.