Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Embroidery club project

Several years ago I purchased a Janome 11000SE.  I purchased it because of the great advertising that Janome did about this being great for quilting.  Well, I did quilt one quilt with it, very early on.  But since then, I mainly use it for embroidery.  If I knew I was going to love the embroidery so much, I would have gotten the Janome MB-4, which is a 4 needle machine, like an industrial embroidery machine.
One of the best things I did was sign up for the Embroidery Club at Threads of Time in Danville, IL, where I purchased my machine.  I innocently showed up for the first class less than 2 weeks after purchase.  I had done some quilting, but it wasn't very good.  And I had tried some of the preloaded designs.  But did I know much of anything about the capabilities of this machine....NO!
Colleen and Ila were very patient with me, and I was able to learn more about my machine and all its capabilities.  Several years later, and I am feeling very confident with the machine, and am somewhat capable with working Janome's digitizing program!
So back to subject at hand.  Remember that "10 minute Placemat Kit" from last blog?  Here's a photo to refresh your memory:
Another digression.  This was taken after I had cleaned out my sewing room and did some rearranging.  I am happy to report that my room still looks great!  That's my Janome 11000SE in the back corner!
This month's embroidery club we were going to do some 3D designs.  Ila had a project we could do, or we could bring our own to work on.  As I was going to bring this placemat anyway to show for a possible future project, I decided to just add some embroidery to it!  Here it is on my coffee table.  Yes, that is a container of prunes at the end!
We each purchased our own copy of this disk, Magical 3D Garden, from Dakota Collectibles.  Ila always brings her laptop, and will transfer designs onto our USB stick for us.  Ila is very good about copyright, and doesn't just share copyrighted material!


  1. The butterfly has turned a nice piece into something very special.

  2. The butterfly was a great addition!

  3. That's neat, Maggie. I wish I knew more about embroidery and my machine. I can use it, but I'm still not very skilled. When I bought my Janome sewing machine, the store I bought it at had a great sewing club that met every other week. They showed us so much about our machine. I loved it. I have never had that luxury with my embroidery machine. I moved from Ohio before I got into embroidery, and then my mom gave me her Viking. I haven't found a Viking group that is a good fit for me or that meets regularly enough. I love that you have a great shop and great instructors!

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