Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marti Michell

Last night my friend Bev and I headed over the Danville to Threads of Time for a lecture and trunk show by Marti Michell.  We had been looking forward to seeing one of the pioneers of quilting for a while.  We walked in the front door, and .... the lights were off!  Seems as if Danville had experienced a terrible storm (that missed Champaign-Urbana) that caused a power outage!  Oh my!  But thankfully, the power company workers were hard at work, and power was restored!
We all received lovely gift bags with candy, a small emery board, and a magnetic pin holder.  We also received some coupons for Marti products, and upcoming events.
Missy Gouty was our emcee for the evening.  She is a most gracious hostess.  She always greets everyone by name and makes you feel right at home when you come in the shop!
Marti gave a fun lecture and trunk show!  She had so many lovely quilts, and wonderful tales to tell about each one!
A trunk show at Threads is never complete without the quilt boys!  Bill Gouty, on the left, is Missy's husband and co-owner of the shop!  Rex, on the right, is the husband of one of the employees!  They both have a great sense of humor and hammed it up for the crowd!
This is a corner of one of my favorite quilts!  I love the use of the "spikey" triangles for the border!
Okay, it was hard to choose my favorite quilt.  But this one was right up there!  I love black and white quilts, and the splash of lime green, along with the dramtic point at the bottom, really spoke to me!
Yes, of course, I bought stuff!  I am currently in the dreaming/drafting stage of my next big quilt.  I am wanting to do medalions based on hexagon and 60degree angles.  So I was hoping this would help.
She showed some great quilts with six pointed stars.  I may have to make one!
It was a great, fun filled evening!  It is always to great to spend time with kindred spirits!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all! The only trouble is how they fill the imagination which is usually on overdrive!!!

  2. Hello- I am Dianne Sanders and I was at the show too. It was a wonderful time and I so enjoyed the absolutely beautiful quilts. I am new to quilting, started last September with LITTLE sewing experience. Love the process and all the people I meet at Threads of Time. Hope to meet you someday. Do you take any classes? I take the Runners class, go to Wednesday's with Winnie and help make charity quilts so I can practice sewing.
    Glad I came to your site. Dianne

  3. Haven't been here in a while. Looks like you are having fun. I'm trying to come up with a pattern to use with the fabric I bought with my DIL for the baby quilt I will make for the new baby that will be here in November. I need to find a trunk show or something to give me some new ideas.