Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Embroidering aprons

I posted today on Facebook that I was going to WalMart to buy aprons to embroider on.  This brought up a query about embroidering on aprons.  So here's the run down.

I have found that WalMart sells plain, unadorned aprons for <$7.  I have gotten them in red, blue, white, khaki, and black.  Today, I could only find black and one white.  This is after visiting two different Super WalMarts.  Now, isn't that telling about my county.  We actually have 4 Super WalMarts in Champaign County! 

Where this all started is that I had embroidered 2 aprons for our quilt show boutique.  They sold before the show even started.  I had a request to make some more, so I did.  But I had more requests.  Thus the search.
This is what I had embroidered for our quilt show boutique.  I had done one in red and one in khaki.  I did this one in white, one in blue, and 5 more in khaki.  I was left with the white one.  Can't you imagine what this would look like after making spaghetti sauce!
When all I could find was black today, I thought I would try something festive for the upcoming holidays.  I love this little turkey, so I added the Happy Turkey Day!
I am going to do some Christmas aprons next!  I think the black will be a great backdrop for some metallic threads!
My embroidery machine is a Janome 11000SE.  I love it, but sometimes I get a back ache from leaning over to thread and work on my projects.  If it were only sitting higher.....
TaDa!  Hubby and I made a quick trip to Lowe's and found a perfect piece of wood.  The nice people at Lowe's made two cuts, we bought the angle hardware, and with hubby's handy dandy electric drill, we made a simple riser.  Now I don't have to stoop or bend to work on my embroidery!  Brilliant!  Plus, I know get a wee bit more surface area!


  1. Thanks for the quick results Maggie! And by the way, you look great! Very svelte, I must say. I love the apron idea, much better than making them! Wal Mart, here I come! I only have a Janome 300e embroidery machine, but I could maybe find designs I can set together to make them large enough. Wondering what metallic thread you use in your machine. Superior? The embroidery machine works okay with metallics? Take care and thanks for sharing. Bonnie


  3. I love that idea, Maggie! I might have to have my husband make me one! Your aprons look great. And you are looking mighty slender! I am really getting the itch to do some machine embroidery. I haven't been at it for a while now.