Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quilting disappearing nine patch

My stack of quilt tops has almost outgrown its shelf space, so I decided I had better get busy quilting some!  For me, the hardest part is figuring out what I want to quilt in all that space!  Do I want to emphasize the quilting itself, or do I want the blocks to take center stage?  I have been struggling to find my quilterly voice.  To develop my own style.  It is not easy, it takes a lot of practice!

Back in May, I blogged about a disappearing nine patch swap that I was participating in through the Land of Lincoln Quilters Assocation (http://maggiemayquilts.blogspot.com/2011/05/disappearing-nine-patchwith-twist.html).  At a recent retreat/pajama party, I put my swapped blocks together into a top that I am going to keep for myself.  I set my blocks in rows, with black sashing in between!  I liked the look, and immediately knew what I was going to quilt in the black sashing.  However, the block rows took a bit of a think.

At our quilt show, one of the vendors had these great pocket guides packaged together!  As I am always looking for inspiration, I grabbed the package.  But just this past weekend did I break the shrink wrap and take a look!
Oh, my!  What a lot of inspiration!  So worth the money, and more!
So this is the filler that I decided upon for the block rows!  Well, it is the inspiration for the quilting.  I think we all know that just like everybody's handwriting is unique, so is a quilter's meandering!
Not exactly like the picture, but gee golly gosh!  Am I ever having fun playing with this!  Fun now, not at first....I was having some issues with my thread!  First of all, although 60wt Bottom Line works great in my bobbin, it is not so great for a top thread.  Next I tried 50wt Masterpiece.  Shredding!  Then I went to 50wt SoFine.  Still shredding!  I changed needles, cleaned out the bobbin area and added a bit of oil.  I finally went with 40wt Isacord polyester.  Sweet success!
Stayed tuned for the black sashing treatment!


  1. Beautiful, Maggie! I have a stack of tops too! What iare the books you picked up? Did you mark your quilt top first or just go at it? Interesting about your thread too!. Great info. Thanks! Karen

  2. Aha. So here's the info on the books. Thanks! I appreciate it. The quilting looks great. I need to be more brave and do stuff like this, Maggie, so I can get my own quilterly voice figured out.

    Sorry you're having problems with the threads. It is so frustrating isn't it?! Glad you found one that worked. I have been using Isacord for some satin stitching, and I'm liking how that's going. I'll show it on my blog soon!