Monday, September 30, 2013

Meet AnnaMarie

I have developed a new obsession...vintage Singer Sewing Machines!  It started innocently enough.  A few years ago I thought owning a Featherweight dated 1954 (the year I was born) would be really cool.  So I scoured Ebay until I found one that looked decent, and won the bidding!  You can see the past blog post here.
So earlier this month I started checking out our local Craigslist for Featherweights.  Haven't found any yet.  Found out that my Schwann's salesman (Schwann's is a door to door frozen food) and his wife are pickers.  Which means they prowl estate sales and auctions for unique items that they sell on Ebay.  I have Ed on the lookout for Featherweights and other vintage Singers.  In return, I will advise him on quilts that he picks up.
The above machine, a 1925 Model 99, I purchased at a local consignment store.  I was made aware of her through Facebook when two different individuals posted this picture on my page:
Yes, she looks kinda rough in this photo.  The bentwood case actually looks better than the photo.  I am totally in love with these cases!  They are just works of art!  Like most of them, the case is missing its key.  So far I have not found a supplier for this part in the USA.
So far, I haven't seen this foot control before.  It actually looks pretty cool.
What didn't look cool was this splice job into the motor to supply power to the light.  It is a Singer light, and I can't find that this is a typical way to get power to the light.  Although hubby and I took down the splices, resoldered and taped, I am still a bit leary about using this.
Solution, an aftermarket handcrank!  Would love to find a vintage handcrank, but will keep an eye on the market.  Anyway, I cleaned her up, oiled her up.  I used Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish on the bright pieces, and Blue Magic TR3 on the paint, and she is looking mighty fine.  I threaded her up this evening, adjusted the upper tension, and cranked out a beautiful stitch!
And I am calling her AnnaMarie.  My paternal grandmother's name was Anna.  I have always felt a strong bond with her, despite the fact that she died 10 years before I was born.  Her youngest daughter's name (my aunt) was AnnaMarie.  I always liked that name.   


  1. My mother had one these machines for many years, I was taught to sew on it. Mum's had a knee control instead of a foot pedal, she made everything on that machine, one of my memories was going to sleep to the sound of this machine.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to reply. The manual that came with the machine is one for a knee control. I would love to find one, as I learned to sew with a knee control!