Thursday, March 31, 2011

Layered Waves

I have been so inspired by my workshop with Karen Eckmeier, that I have been working on my class project on my days off.  Her technique is so freeing!  I am feeling very arty working in my sewing room!  I finally got it the size that I wanted, and have put on borders, in her layered waves way.  I did have to go and purchase fabric for the outer border.  I was wanting a deep, dark turquoise to accent the turquoise within the quilt.  I took this photo last night, put it on the computer, and immediately went "UGH"!  Something was amiss.  And I was sure that quilting and or embellishments weren't going to make it better.  So I slept on it.  It is looking better this morning.  But I think it needs more value contrast in the left upper corner.  The beauty of this technique is that it is very forgiving.  I think I am going to make up another flight of geese.  I think that will give it the spark that I think it needs.

This will be my last blog post for at least a week. Tomorrow I leave for my trip to Paris, France.  In case people wonder why I feel the need to add the France,  I live not far from a town named Paris.  My aunt and uncle used to live there.  There is a terrific quilt shop there, also! 

So I may be posting some updates on Facebook occasionally.  WiFi is generally not free in Europe, but I do need to get online daily to check in with my hubby (Verizon doesn't have cell coverage in France, isn't that odd!)


  1. Neat. I think it looks pretty good, but if it's not satisfying to you, so something about it! I think the flying geese will look good there. I wonder if you'll want to add a third one somewhere else to balance things out if you do seems like things go better in threes (or odd numbers) than even numbers.

    Have a great trip to France! I'll miss you, but I'll love your report when you get back!

  2. Ooo you won't be a million miles from me. We may just become a little wet trying to meet up though!! We've not had any problems in Europe with internet for quite a few years, I guess it depends on the hotel you stay at but it is very common now. Looking forward to the report!

  3. Have an excellent adventure!! 8-)

  4. Have tons of fun. I love what you have done.

  5. Your quilt is Great! Now that is next on my list. Have a Wonderful Trip!!!

  6. What if you extended your flying geese across the quilt and into the border? What if you added a couple more circles? I like your quilt! Have a wonderful trip to Paris, France.