Thursday, March 10, 2011

My First Sock!

I feel like a big girl knitter now!  I have completed my first sock!  Our instructor, Kara, at Needleworks in Champaign, has been absolutely awesome in helping us understand sock knitting and getting the technique down.  I have learned that I tend to be a tight knitter, which is a good thing for socks! 

There are a few oops, and a lot of split yarns.  But I got to tell you, this sock feels pretty good on!

Never fear, I will have a pair!  I started the second sock yesterday at work.  I discovered I had dropped a stitch three rows beyond.  Thus the paper clip was employed as a stitch holder until I can unknit down to it!  Another repurposed tool!

Those needles are size 2!  It is like knitting with bamboo skewers!


  1. Looking good Maggie! I've discovered I hate using the tinsy wincy needles now so don't bother despite having some delicious sock wool here.

  2. Ooooo Maggie they look so nice and cozy warm. You are doing great!

  3. Your sock looks great! Don't the handmade socks (or in your case "sock") feel so good on your feet?! I like the little needles for some reason. Great job!! Pretty yarn!

  4. Love your new sock its very pretty! You are doing agreat knitting socks. Very Nice!

  5. The sock is looking real good. Love the colors.