Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paris: Napoleon's tomb and Rodin

We were given one free day to explore Paris on our own.  Several us of went on a long walk with our tour director.  She led us through Champs du Mars, which is the lovely park at the base of the Eiffel Tower to Rue Cler.  Rue Cler is a lovely little street with many merchants that display their wares open on the streets.  I found a yarn shop there and bought a lovely green ball of cotton/blend that was made in France.  The sights and smells on that street were heavenly!

Look at the size of those strawberries!
You can tell the fish is fresh, as there is really no fishy smell!
Love the smell from the fromagerie!
I was in absolute bliss with all the 18th and 19th century architecture, and the fantastic stonework in the streets!  Such a sense of history that we are so totally missing here in the USA.

From here, with walked to the Musee de L'Armee / Hotel National des Invalides.  Translation, its a military museum, and also the hospital for their veterans.  The main attraction for us was Napoleon's tomb.  I tended to think of Napoleon as a tyrant, and remembered his exiles.  However, he was held in high esteem by the French, enough to create this extensive burial place.  I think Napoleon held himself in rather high esteem, also! 

The front of the museum!  Love the courtyard with the lovely green spaces!

The gold dome over Napoleon's tomb was a very visible landmark!

Tremendously huge sarcophagus for such a little fellow!  But I was more fascinated with the floor design that the sarcophagus was sitting on!

The laurel leaves were so intricate!  And I loved the long triangles surrounding!  Wouldn't this make a great medallion quilt!

From here, Rodin's museum and gardens were just across the street.  For one euro, we could walk through the gardens.  And of course, you know what statue we were looking for....

What baby boomer didn't grow up watching Dobie Gillis!  It is so fantastic that they have so many of Rodin's works set in such a naturalistic setting

I couldn't resist having my picture taken with this little feller!

Rodin's "The Gates of Hell".  Had to take a picture, because this is the only time I wish to see this!! LOL!!!

On the way back, we ate lunch at a sidewalk brasserie.  I spied this across the street at a book seller.  As I love Patricia Cornwell, I had to take a picture, and to see which novel this was.  Translation "Port Morturary".

We ended the day with supper at "La Ribe" which is a little restaurant around the corner from our hotel.  I had onion soup, escargot, and a wonderful chocolat mousse.  I also had a small conversation with a French lady who was dining by herself who was amused by us American tourists.  She was in Paris on business.  She works for the French version of our Environmental Protection Agency.


  1. Nice pictures, Maggie. I feel like I am there with you!

  2. Lovely walk, thanks Maggie!

  3. Looks really great. I wish I had been there with you!