Monday, May 2, 2011

Jelly Roll Races

The words "Jelly Roll" conjure up different images for different people.  But for a quilter, a jelly roll consists of 40 fabric strips (2 1/2" x width of fabric) rolled up in a cute bundle!  At our recent Illini Country Stitchers quilting guild we held Jelly Roll Races!

Each contestant was given a jelly roll.  Our jelly rolls were not commercially made up, but cut from fabrics donated for Project Linus.  Prior to the actual start of the race, each contestant sewed her strips end to end, doing a bias seam to join them.  Then cut off the first 18".

At the green flag, each contestant finds the beginning and the end, puts them together right sides together, and starts sewing a VERY long seam.  When you get to the end, you cut the loop and finish sewing.  Bring ends together again and do it again.  This is done a total of 5 times! 

We were supposed to work unassisted, but I had a 7 year old by my side to get me a drink, tell me all about her poison ivy, and how her dad is addicted to Angry Birds!  She was also rooting me to victory!  Yeah, I was the first to complete my quilt top!

This will be quilted,  and donated to our local Project Linus!  We got 5 or 6 done, and several people took jelly rolls home to make without the stress of the race!

I did get a nice bundle of fat quarters as a prize.  And I let my little assistant pick out her favorite!


  1. What a fun "race" and how lucky for you to have such a talkative helper....Congrats on winning! Karen

  2. It sounds liken you had an awesome time. Guild thinks up the funnest projects.

  3. That is fantastic! What was your time? :-)

    I went to the website you told me about the other day, but I have to say, your explanation was easier for me to understand! Now I see how quickly you could pound out a quilt. That is a pretty cool idea!

  4. I think I understand!!! For a great project anyway.

  5. What a quick and fun way to make a Linus quilt!

  6. Great job! Looks like a very fun night, too.

  7. what a great idea
    love the look of your "winning" quilt
    winning in every sense as it will be making someone else so happy as well
    i will definitely try this - maybe i can even organize such a race sometime
    thank you for sharing :o)

  8. Well I think I need to go slice some stripes! Sounds like a fun time. Also I just became a follower! Thanks for sharing. Helen

  9. What fun and a great way to make a fast quilt. I also sew for Project Linus and will make a few of those quilts.

  10. You have some pretty cool posts. I will have to get my group to do this one day soon. It sounds like a fun time and a worthy cause.