Monday, May 16, 2011

Kindle Cover

Our quilt guild, Illini Country Stitchers, holds a quilt show every other year.  This is the year for a show, and yours truly is the show chairperson.  I have been immersing myself for the past 18 months with quilt show adminstration, and trying to get everything in order.  It is kind of like planning a wedding; a lot of things need to happen a long time before the event.  Then there is a lull, then things start getting exciting.  We are starting to get to the start of the busy time.  One of the things that needs to be done is to get handmade items made for our boutique.

One of the things that I am thinking would sell well would be e-reader covers.  I have developed a pattern for a sleeve, which is easy to make.  But I wanted to make one that looked more like a book cover.  I found a pattern on Etsy  The pattern was easy to understand, and easy to make up.  I have asked for permission to sell at our boutique, and I hope they respond positively!
Hubby likes the grey one best.  It has a maroon interior, which is pictured below.  I still need to get a button for each of them.  I'm thinking of using Velcro if I make more.

I like the one on the left.  The batik looks like beach landscape!


  1. They look great Maggie. I prefer the book cover type one on mine. John likes a neoprene slip case on his as he just likes holding the Kindle with no cover. Horses for courses!!

  2. Those are great and I bet they really sell! I love the beach one!!
    I have been reading about selling things made from patterns, and my understanding is that it is perfectly legal regardless of whether or not permission is granted. You can't sell the pattern, but you can sell the items you make.

  3. Very cute! I really like both of them. I agree that the one looks like a beach. We have our show this year, too. I don't know if I will make anything for the boutique, but this is a good idea! I should try to do something... Hmmm....I be the designer will give you permission. :-) I didn't know you were the chair. You are one brave woman! I would be petrified to do that!

  4. Very nice. I agree with the velcro instead of fumbling with a button. The button would make a cute decoration though. I hope you can sell them...good luck on your quilt show.